Meet Stacy

Hello friends! I am an accidental remodel fanatic! I love taking the old and outdated and using smart and easy tricks to make them look brand new. I am a Kansas girl living in California as the constant wrangler of three kids, two dogs and a constantly changing number of goats and chickens!

I am a study in contradictions. I love tools and being covered in sawdust but I love to get dressed up for a night on the town, I love to read but am not a great writer, I love fitness but I also love tacos, I love cooking but rarely make my own recipes, I love decorating but only manage with the help of Pinterest, and last but never least, I love Jesus but cuss a lot!

I hope you enjoy my page and that it helps all my readers know that any project can be tackled with just a little bit of sawdust and champagne to celebrate your success!